We own the software

We provide the software for your screen display under licence for a fixed annual fee. This fee covers the cost of updating the software, office hours support, access to our library of screen content and help with creating customized content for your screen.

You own the equipment

We sell you the screen control box preloaded with our software as a one-off charge. We do not supply display screens and other equipment such as wall brackets but we are happy to order these and arrange delivery for you from a reputable supplier such as Amazon.

The control box is covered by a three year, back-to-base warranty provided by us. The other equipment is covered by the normal warranty provided by whichever third-party supplier we order from on your behalf. We do not provide any cover for equipment already on your premises (eg a screen you have already bought).

We monitor your screen live

We check your screen automatically at regular intervals and fix any problems via remote access if we can. If we see a local problem (eg internet connection down) we will contact you by phone to alert you that your screen is not playing.

We do not provide a fitting service.

We can order all of the equipment you need for your information screen and have it delivered directly to your premises. Fitting the system involves screwing a bracket for the screen to the wall and ensuring there is a conveniently located double power socket. We can arrange this for you but the best way to get the job done is for you to employ a local fitter who will be able to do the work to your exact specifications and at a much lower cost than we can arrange for you.

Updating content

The information displayed on the left side of your screen is in the form of Flash Video animations. We include a set of generic content in the form of a libary of videos for your health sector. You can select from this library the videos you want to play on the screen. We add new videos to this library when our users request them or whenever there is a new issue to be covered in your field.

The rest of the screen content is under your direct control and can be accessed with your password from any connected device, including your mobile phone.

Adding YouTube content

You can embed YouTube videos in your screen playlist so that they play before the main message sequence starts playing on your screen. This is very useful if you want to include a specific piece of information on your screen which is not covered in our video library such as a message from your local health trust or a product you want to promote within your practice.

No hidden costs or extras

Everything is covered by your annual software licence fee including office hours telephone support, access to our library of video content, access to our picture library and training for your staff in using our software.

Fair use policy

We hope that the videos we provide in your screen library cover most of the subjects you need. We are also open to suggestions for new topics to cover in the generic library of videos we include with your software package. If you think we are missing something that everyone in your field would like to have in their library, please let us know and we will be happy to look at adding it to the list. The majority of our video content has come from suggestions made by users.

There are a small number of subjects where the content only applies to your particular location or circumstance and we can make one-off videos to cover a local contingency. We do, however, have a fair use policy which is summarised below.

  • One-off videos must cover a permanent topic which will be relevant all the time. We can't make animations to announce one off events or meetings - these should be added as removable text messages to right side of the screen.
  • Videos for the left screen should be no longer than 50 seconds and contain no more 200 words of text.
  • If the subject is covered already by an embeddable YouTube video we will use that instead on your screen.
  • We do not set a limit to the number of videos we can create for your screen but we reserve the right to do so should we feel you are exceeding reasonable use.

Anywhere you want

Your screen is connected via the internet to our server. Using your username and PIN, you can log in to your control panel, which is also on our server, from any connected device including your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. You can even access it from your mobile phone.

It's automatic

We will programme the control box to switch itself off and put the screen into standby mode at your usual close of business times , including late sessions, early closing and weekends. The equipment is set to come on every day at 8am.

A local internet connection is required

Our software uses very little bandwidth and will work fine on your existing connection. It does not need you to install a separate broadband service. We recommend a wired connection but it will work using WiFi provided there is good signal (four bars).

Office hours telephone support

We are always available to help with hardware and software issues. If your screen stops running for any reason, we can usually fix the problem with a combination of remote access and talking you through local steps you can take.

We also provide a design service to help you make original content for your screen should you need it.

Uploading pictures

The text messages on the right side of your screen are accompanied by an appropriate image. You can select this image from a library of generic images which come preloaded with the software but you can also upload you own images.

Yes - you can stream radio on your screen.

We have added a facility to allow you to select from a list of local and national radio stations to play in the background on your screen (PPL Licence required).

Important - please read
You need a good internet connection to stream live radio on your screen. Unlike our screen display software, which does not use much bandwidth and will play even on weak internet connections, streaming radio requires a good to very good connection. Your connection might not be up to the job of streaming a radio station paticularly if you have a lot of other users online on the same network. Also, your internet provider might have blocked live streaming on your network for security reasons.

For the above reasons, we provide the radio streaming facility within our software suite on as is basis. It does not form part of your service contract with us and we make no guarantees that such a service will be available at your location.

Because it will drive your staff crazy!

The videos that play on your screen are on a loop and your selected playlist repeats itself throughout the day. The majority of your patients will see (and hear if there was sound) each message only once. If the screen had sound on the videos, your staff will hear the same thing at least 20 times a day. In our experience this eventually leads to staff turning off the screen to preserve their sanity. You might like to consider using our radio streaming service if you want your screen to provide background sound (see above).

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