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Improving the waiting experience

Waiting for an appointment is a pretty dull experience for most people. A lively information screen can help to pass the time and keep people up to date with the latest developments. It has been demonstrated that giving people something to watch in the waiting room can considerably reduce perceived waiting time.

We have been providing waiting room and reception information screen software since 2006 and have considerable experience in creating information systems for a wide variety of locations and across the entire healthcare sector.

We can provide everything you need for a professional waiting room or reception area information screen. Our software is easy to use and our support team make sure that everything keeps running smoothly.

Easy to set up

Our system delivers screen content live over the Internet. Setting up a waiting room information display requires a control box with a broadband connection and a screen.

Easy to use

Our software makes it really easy to edit and update screen messages. You can select from a library of information videos, intergrate YouTube clips and add your own live messages.

Instant updates

Because our system is based on a live Internet connection, the control interface allows you to update screen content instantly from any location. All you need is a password and you are in business!